Return period 14 days

Once you have your order, you have 14 calendar days from the day of delivery to return it or report an incident. If you notice any imperfections in the packaging at the time of receipt, tell the carrier that you want to make an incidence on the delivery.

Keep the packaging intact at the time of opening for possible claims.

Contact our customer service team at info@newlifehome. es or directly by phone at 951 576 384, for greater agility keep the order reference within your reach.

Changes in colour, measurements or product

In the event that your order has not left our warehouse we can make the change directly, if on the other hand the order has already left you must wait to receive the order and request the return or exchange procedure.

IMPORTANT: In order to collect your order, it must be disassembled, inside its original packaging and with its internal protections.

Costs generated by exchange and refunds

In the event that it is a change due to transportation problems you would not have to pay transportation costs, if the reason for the return is not related to incidents of deterioration due to transportation then the transportation costs generated by the return or exchange will be charged. In the event of a total return of the order, only the value of the product will be refunded, not refunding the shipping amount.

In the event that the product does not have the packaging in the appropriate conditions, we will not be able to return the ordered products in full, so a depreciation of 10% of the value of the product will be applied as packaging material. If we receive the product (s) with damage due to not having the packaging with which you received it, a discount of between 60% and 100% will be applied for the degree of deterioration, nor will you be able to change it for another product, therefore we will proceed to a repair of it and send you the product already purchased.

The same applies to products which have deteriorated due to misuse prior to transport.

Reimbursement methods and times

Once the product has been received at our facilities and the condition of the product has been reviewed, we will proceed with the corresponding refund in the cases that apply, this process may take about 4 or 5 days.

Customized products

Any merchandise that contains any defect will be replenished, unless there is no stock that will proceed to make a coupon for your next invoice. As long as it is received at our premises under the same conditions as previously received by the customer at the address requested. Otherwise it will be repaired if possible and the same already purchased will be repaired or in case of damage or loss will proceed to apply a charge of between 60% and 100% of the value of the product.

NewLifeHome does not accept merchandise returns for custom-made products due to their handmade provenance and individual customization.